Organic Pullet Eggs


Why is this product amazing?

  • Pullet eggs are the first eggs laid by hens at about 18 weeks of age, lasting about 4 weeks before the size gets bigger
  • They have a large yolk to white ratio, they hold together like little mountains in the pan so are incredible for poaching and frying
  • Kept in small sheds of maximum 600 birds with acres of pasture and woods to play in, plus lots of veg treats we sneak them when we have leftovers
  • We have a mix of Lohman Brown, a caramel coloured inquisitive hen, Brown feathered Bovans Brown, and light coloured Amber Link hens – all perfectly suited to outdoor life in an organic environment and excellent egg layers

Many customers rave about our eggs, and tell us they’re ‘proper’ eggs, with a proper yellow yolk, and rich taste. This is because they are free to pick and peck at what they fancy, munching on natural proteins and insects hiding in the ground; many caged eggs have their yolks dyed by feed supplements to turn them yellow instead



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